Best way to Deal with Jet Lag

Best way to Deal with Jet Lag

Jet lag is the real drag when it comes to flying around continents. Whether you are traveling for fun or work, jet lag is a condition that no one wants to suffer. It is a temporary condition that occurs when traveling across multiple time zones disrupts the body’s internal clock.

The most common symptoms that people experience is a generalized sense of unwell feeling; the other traits of jet lag range from muscle soreness, headache, and daytime fatigue to trouble concentrating and gastrointestinal upset. All this is certainly not good for an important meeting or your great holiday abroad!

Why does jet lag happen?

Our circadian rhythm works by the suprachiasmatic nucleus, a part of the brain that responds to light signals from the retina of the eye and implies when to wake and sleep. Flying across continents disrupts this internal clock. The disturbance between our internal cycle and the actual time of the destination mismatches and interferes with the essential function of our bodies that includes giving signals of sleep, hunger, and digestion. All this contributes to the symptoms of jet lag!

To help you deal with the effects of jet lag, we have mentioned the best tips that can work in your favor!

Consider taking Uppy! jet lag recovery tablet

Jet lag recovery tablets cannot fully eliminate the effects of jet lag. However, they are capable of helping to an extended level, better than most of their other alternatives. 

Uppy! offers the genuine isotonic drink that supports getting rid of jet lag symptoms and flight fatigue. The formulation incorporates electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, wrapped in a lemon, lime-ginger flavor. Besides helping you with the aftereffect of flying, the tablet also works wonders to support you arriving in good shape.

Since dehydration is also a factor causing jet lag, the solution is mindfully formulated to work as a water multiplier, based on WHO’s recommendation for oral rehydration. It is a genius mixture for faster recovery that every frequent flyer needs to carry for energy, health, and wellness!

The best part is it also works to support your immunity and gut health to fight against the contamination and airborne viruses in the air!

The Bottom Line 

Jet lag is a big deal when you are traveling across continents and different time zones. The adverse effects of jet lag can ruin your plans till you get completely recovered from it.  

There are various reasons for the occurrence of jet lag that needs to be considered while looking for a solution. From dehydration to a disturbance in your internal clock, you need to make sure that you avoid most of the effects of jet lag to have a good time when you arrive at your destination.

Uppy! jet lag recovery tablet helps in getting rid of the symptoms in the best possible ways. The formulation works as a water multiplier to keep your body hydrated for a long period of time and includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and electrolytes for wellness and energy.

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