Importance of Jet Lag Recovery Tablets for Travelers

Importance of Jet Lag Recovery Tablets for Travelers

Have you heard of jet lag? Or do you know there are ways to avoid jet lag? If you are a frequent traveler, you must have experienced it and should know how to tackle it.

Jet lag, also known as flight weariness or desynchronosis, is a transient illness that causes fatigue, insomnia, and other symptoms due to traveling across many time zones by plane. It is classified as a circadian rhythm sleep disorder characterized by a disruption of the internal clock.

What are the primary causes of jet lag?

Jet lag is a chronobiological condition, similar to the challenges caused by shift work and sleep problems with a circadian rhythm. When traveling across many time zones, the body clock (circadian rhythm) will be out of sync with the destination time since it will be exposed to the sun and darkness at different times than it is used to. The body’s natural pattern is disrupted, as the cycles that determine when to eat, sleep, regulate hormones, regulate body temperature, and perform other tasks no longer correlate to the environment, or in certain circumstances, jet lag starts when the body is unable to quickly re-establish these cycles.

How can jet lag be prevented or reduced?

A vacation, business travel, or sporting performance can all be ruined by jet lag. As a result, every traveler tries to avoid the consequences of jet lag. 

The key to preventing and eliminating jet lag is to immediately synchronize your circadian cycle with your destination’s time zone. Steps can be taken to manage symptoms until this is accomplished. For relatively brief visits, you may be able to avoid jet lag by keeping your circadian rhythm aligned with your home time through planned activities, such as sleep. In this manner, both during the vacation and when you return home, you avoid disrupting your circadian rhythm. If traveling for more than a few days, acclimating to your destination’s day-night cycle is necessary to avoid jet lag.

Another thing that can help you to avoid this situation is to take jet lag recovery tablets. These tablets have necessary nutrients, electrolytes, and antioxidants that help the body fight against flight fatigue and jet lag, along with supporting overall wellness.  

Uppy! is one of the best jet lag recovery tablets available in the market. Just mixing a tablet with a glass of water can help avoid flight fatigue and jet lag. 


Jet lag is usually very transient and does not require treatment. Jet lag is characterized by gastrointestinal and sleep disorders, weariness, and/or depression. 

Uppy! offers the perfect solution that helps travelers work through the symptoms of jet lag while flying across various time zones.

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