Say Goodbye to Jet Lag

Avoid jet lag and recover from a flight much faster with Uppy! electrolyte hydration drink mix. You will arrive in better shape and prepared for your adventure.

Get the most out of your trip, be it for business or vacation! Avoid jet lag, recover faster and arrive in better shape! Uppy! electrolyte hydration drink mix allows you to absorb more water, replenish electrolytes and get a multivitamin boost. Fight the fairly unfriendly, extremely dry environment from your flight. (Did you know the air on the airplane is as dry as the desert? Talk about DRY!)

When flying, especially during longer flights, your body dehydrates much quicker than what is normally the case. The airplane environment is very dry. The cabin contains less than 20% humidity (often much less) and the cabin air pressure corresponds to approximately 8200 feet (2500 meters) in altitude. Your body needs to adapt to low air pressure and dry, thin air (similar to the desert). Signs of dehydration may include experiencing increased thirst, drowsiness, headache and/or dizziness as well as other jet-lag issues. If you are a person with long flights on your schedule, dehydration may affect your ability to be at your best upon arrival. Uppy! helps support hydration and a healthy lifestyle by helping replenish what is lost during travel. Just add Uppy! to a glass of water and feel the difference!

A more serious condition that dehydration may cause is that your body does not have enough fluids. This condition may cause you blood vessels to narrow and your blood to thicken, which raises the risk for blood clots (DVT).

Drinking water during flights is key. And drinking Uppy! - a real rehydration formula; with added vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and a touch of ginger is a really good idea! The active rehydration formula in Uppy! acts as a water multiplier, the added vitamins and minerals helps with natural energy, recovery and wellness. If you are flying, with dry and thin air, Uppy! will assist you to feel better and recover faster. 

Uppy! is developed so that one tablet is dissolved in one small glass of still water. This will give the correct osmolarity which means your body’s cells will absorb Uppy! efficiently. Drinking one tablet every 2-3 hours during a long flight is great. Or pop 3-4 tablets in a 16 oz (50 cl) water bottle and sip throughout your flight.

”Mind blowing amazing! ZERO jet lag. Not even one dodgy hour. It is utterly remarkable!”

Katie Tillard

”My San Francisco-Taipei flights are now much easier”

Royce Hong, frequent flyer, Taipei

”I avoided the ”hang over” feeling on my return flight Copenhagen to Seoul!”

Måns Boll, Lomma, Sweden

”Feeling refreshed and rehydrated, it was wonderful!”

Lyad Duwaji, frequent flyer, California
  • Stay Hydrated with Uppy!

    Uppy! hydration tablets support rehydration and help replenish electrolytes lost during activity. The active rehydration formula in Uppy! acts as a water multiplier, Uppy! contains added vitamins and minerals plus a hint of ginger for energy, recovery and wellness. If you are flying on plane, flying through a tough workout, or just flying through a typically tough work day, Uppy! will help you feel better and recover faster. The electrolyte rich tablet will replenish what is lost during exercise, travel and work.

  • Uppy! Supports Your Healthy Lifestyle

    Support your healthy lifestyle with 4 electrolytes (Sodium,, Potassium, Magnesium, and Zinc), the anti-oxidant Vitamin C and D3, B12 + Ginger.