Electrolyte-rich Uppy! hydration drink mix helps replace what is lost during workouts and sports activities.

Make sure you stay hydrated while working out or playing. Uppy! is an electrolyte rehydration drink mix with added vitamins, minerals and a touch of ginger that supports your active lifestyle. The electrolyte-rich drink mix helps you rehydrate faster than water alone. Just dissolve in water, drink and be replenished.

While exercising you sweat and loose fluids as well as electrolytes which can cause dehydration. Dehydration may affect your mental and physical state as well as your performance. You may get muscle cramps and experience fatigue.

Electrolytes are tiny particles that carry electrical charges. They serve many roles to help the body maintain proper function. When you sweat, electrolytes play key roles in keeping water balanced both inside & outside of cells so that your muscles and organs can continue to serve you properly.

Uppy! electrolyte rehydration drink mix follows the World Heath Organization's guidelines for an Isotonic Oral Rehydration Solution. With the addition of vitamins and minerals as well as a touch of ginger, Uppy! helps support a healthy lifestyle. Uppy! contains 4 electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, and Zinc), Anti-Oxidant Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, and Vitamind B12 plus a hint of Ginger.

Stay hydrated during those 18 rounds
Tour players and everyday golfers often come back from a round with mild to serious levels of dehydration because lost electrolytes are often not replaced. Dissolve 3-4 Uppy! tablets in a 16 oz (470 ml) water bottle and drink during the golf round to stay hydrated and play your best.

Stay hydrated on the slopes
Skiing and snowboarding are high energy sports. When combined with high altitudes and often extreme weather, meeting your hydration requirements can be challenging. High altitude means less oxygen and drier air. You may not feel thirsty but rest assured, you need to fill up with electrolytes and much more. Uppy! will support you and get you skiing the extra distance.

Stay hydrated during any sport
The same can be said if you are working out at a gym, playing tennis paddle, or pickle ball; if you are biking or on a long walk. You should support yourself with Uppy! - a rehydration product with the addition of vitamins, minerals and a touch of ginger. Uppy! is an electrolyte rich, daily hydration drink mix. Uppy! helps you replenish what is lost during exercise.

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